Setting Spray Is My Life! | Meghan Victoria

 Makeup Artist Meghan Victoria on The Makeup Finishing Spray!
'Setting spray is my life!!!! You wanna do a beach shoot all day in the hot sun and not have your makeup melt away? Well hello darlings #SKINDINAVIA is my goooo too!'



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How Does Your Makeup Stay All Day?? | Katilyn Boyer

Makeup Artist Katilyn Boyer on The Makeup Finishing Spray...
'So I get asked "How does your makeup stay all day??"
Here's my answer: Skindinavia setting sprays and primers. I have used this company for YEARS and seriously my makeup lasts at least 12 hours! In this clip, I used WATER-ACTIVATED paints so that means, theoretically, this water should rinse them off. I used 2 coats of that setting spray and I could have gone swimming lol'


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Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial | ReallyMili

A fabulously wild tutorial created by ReallyMili, featuring The Makeup Primer Spray!
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Katilyn Boyer put our Makeup Finishing Spray to the ultimate test... THE SHOWER! 
We dare you to take the #SKINDINAVIASHOWERCHALLENGE!  Join the long-wear makeup revolution!
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Olivia Munn Makeup Tutorial | Dacey Hapa

Olivia Munn-inspired lower lash green look from Dacey Hapa... watch & take notes!

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Review: Skindinavia Primer & Finishing Sprays | Rosy Disposition

Beauty Blogger Rosy Disposition reviews and shares her thoughts on SKINDINAVIA Primer & Finishing Sprays..
'I have wanted to try these Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray and Finishing Spray for the longest time because I hear nothing but good things, especially from makeup artists. I am very glad to say that they certainly do not disappoint!'
Read the full review here:
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The BEST Primer & Setting Spray for Oily Skin | BiancaRenee Today

'Skindinavia is the BEST primer and setting spray I have ever used! I have acne prone and oily skin and ever since I started using Skindinavia, my skin cleared up, it made my makeup last ALL DAY and reduce shined! I definitley recommend this product to anyone, no matter the skin type, but if you have Oily skin, this is a MUST HAVE! Check out my results!' - BiancaRenee Today
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The Best Makeup Starter Kit Ever | Megan Mauk

Megan Mauk spills her makeup pro tips! Watch to find out why SKINDINAVIA is a makeup must-have in your makeup starter kit...
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SKINDINAVIA Primer & Finishing Sprays | Urban Miss Makeup

'Skindinavia primer and setting sprays! 
This is our secret weapon for keeping our clients makeup flawless all day.
Formulas available for normal and oily skin. This stuff is liquid GOLD!!!'
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Velvet Skin Makeup | Stella Rae

Stella Rae giving us the lowdown on how to achieve velvet skin makeup with SKINDINAVIA!
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