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To boost longevity of this lightweight base, Sarmiento uses a combination of primer and setting spray to seal it in place. “I start with a long-wear primer, like Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, and apply the makeup as usual,” he said. “Then, I finish by misting the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray onto a Beautyblender and use the loaded sponge to do one last blend of the base. That way everything still feels light, but is totally locked into place.”

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Summer Bride Makeup Tutorial ft. Skindinavia | Rosa Klochkov

Get inspired by this summery bridal makeup tutorial featuring SKINDINAVIA! 

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The Ultimate Long-Wear Makeup Tip! | Wayne Goss

Makeup Guru Wayne Goss, has used Skindinavia for almost 10 years! Check out why he swears by our Makeup Primer & Finishing Sprays...
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Setting Spray Is My Life! | Meghan Victoria

 Makeup Artist Meghan Victoria on The Makeup Finishing Spray!
'Setting spray is my life!!!! You wanna do a beach shoot all day in the hot sun and not have your makeup melt away? Well hello darlings #SKINDINAVIA is my goooo too!'



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How Does Your Makeup Stay All Day?? | Katilyn Boyer

Makeup Artist Katilyn Boyer on The Makeup Finishing Spray...
'So I get asked "How does your makeup stay all day??"
Here's my answer: Skindinavia setting sprays and primers. I have used this company for YEARS and seriously my makeup lasts at least 12 hours! In this clip, I used WATER-ACTIVATED paints so that means, theoretically, this water should rinse them off. I used 2 coats of that setting spray and I could have gone swimming lol'


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Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial | ReallyMili

A fabulously wild tutorial created by ReallyMili, featuring The Makeup Primer Spray!
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Katilyn Boyer put our Makeup Finishing Spray to the ultimate test... THE SHOWER! 
We dare you to take the #SKINDINAVIASHOWERCHALLENGE!  Join the long-wear makeup revolution!
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Olivia Munn Makeup Tutorial | Dacey Hapa

Olivia Munn-inspired lower lash green look from Dacey Hapa... watch & take notes!

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Review: Skindinavia Primer & Finishing Sprays | Rosy Disposition

Beauty Blogger Rosy Disposition reviews and shares her thoughts on SKINDINAVIA Primer & Finishing Sprays..
'I have wanted to try these Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray and Finishing Spray for the longest time because I hear nothing but good things, especially from makeup artists. I am very glad to say that they certainly do not disappoint!'
Read the full review here:
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The BEST Primer & Setting Spray for Oily Skin | BiancaRenee Today

'Skindinavia is the BEST primer and setting spray I have ever used! I have acne prone and oily skin and ever since I started using Skindinavia, my skin cleared up, it made my makeup last ALL DAY and reduce shined! I definitley recommend this product to anyone, no matter the skin type, but if you have Oily skin, this is a MUST HAVE! Check out my results!' - BiancaRenee Today
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