The Makeup Primer Spray Review | Cosmetics Aficionado

'I did feel like my foundation looked good on top of this. I am not sure if it reduced the appearance of my pores. I only have a small section of large pores, and I couldn’t see a noticeable difference in their appearance. Despite that, my foundation still looked good on top of this. It applied even and smoothly, and I didn’t have any issues with foundation settling into any lines.
Foundation wear time was definitely improved while wearing this. Maybe it was imagination, but I also think it even helped a bit with oiliness. I didn’t break out from this, which is a really big pro for me. I have had sprays in the past break me out pretty bad. I was really pleased with the performance of the Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray, and if you have sensitive skin like me you might like this too' - Beauty Blogger, Cosmetics Aficionado.
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VOGUE | Facial Mists Are Having A Moment

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What the professionals say about SKINDINAVIA | Celebrity MUAs


See what the professionals are saying about Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Sprays.

"SKINDINÄVIA has made makeup touch ups on Gaga's Monster Ball Tour almost effortless... Thank you for the great finishing spray!"
Celebrity Makeup Artist


"I love SKINDINÄVIA... It keeps makeup looking fresh all day long, my clients love it." 
Makeup Artist to Uma Thurman 

"I've never seen a product set foundation so fast and last so long... This is now a staple in my kit!"
Celebrity Makeup Artist and Master Brow Sculptor 

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Skindinavia Bridal and No More Shine Finishing Spray Review

"[Skindinavia] helps extend the wear of my make-up and instead of my skin getting too greasy I just get a soft natural looking glow by the end of the day which is better than my normal summer oil ball at the end of the day. Another plus is when I spray it on, it doesn’t make my skin feel dry, and it hasn’t irritated my skin nor has it broken me out!"

-Glambomb's Blog 

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Adore Beauty | The Makeup Finishing Spray

"Skindinavia's Makeup Finishing Spray is your insurance policy for ensuring your makeup stays looking flawless and perfect. Skindinavia comes in three formulas and travel sizes so you don't ever have to do without it.
The Original helps prevent makeup from settling in pores, lines and wrinkles, sets makeup for up 16 hours, can be applied in the morning, throughout the day and evening and contains a surface cooling technology that helps to prevent makeup sliding or melting...phew!"
- Adore Beauty

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What are the press saying about Skindinävia Makeup Finishing Spray? Check it out...

"Keep Your Cool. Skindinavia Makeup Finish Spray uses time-release cryogenic technology to lower makeup’s temperature by a chill 20 F, thus keeping everything—foundation, eye shadow— in it place. It’s a favorite of flight attendants. The company sold 4,000 bottles to one U.S. Airline." VOGUE

"You don't have to do constant touchups on your makeup if you're a mom and you're running around with your kids all summer long. They lock and load your makeup for 16 hours."
TV host, on ABC's "The View"

"Best Finisher. Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish, a cooling mist, kept makeup in place for hours. “My face really was picture perfect until bedtime."

"I love this. Ever since I've been using Skindinavia, I don't even have blotting papers... I don't even have them anymore because this keeps my skin all shine free the entire day. And it keeps my makeup on."
Celebrity Fashion Blogger

"It works like MAGIC, and makes your skin feel super- smooth. From shrinking pores to absorbing oil, SKINDINÄVIA guarantees your face won't look like an oil slick by day's end."

"Skindinävia has been in my bag of makeup tricks for almost a year and I can’t imagine being without it!"
Celebrity Blogger

"It is not often that I can shout ‘holy grail!’ from the rooftops, but I honestly can with Skindinävia. It has become such an important part of my routine that I have a second bottle to carry around with me."
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ALL DAY Makeup + My Secret Weapon | Gigi Gorgeous

YouTuber & TV Personality Gigi Gorgeous, talks all things SKINDINAVIA!
'Here are some products that work FLAWLESSLY on me to keep my makeup looking FRESH TO DEATH all day long ;) Hope you enjoy!! xoxo' - Gigi Gorgeous
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Sweatproof Makeup for Summer | Ingrid Nilsen

Youtube Sensation Ingrid Nielsen shows us how to prevent makeup meltdown!
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