Katilyn Boyer put our Makeup Finishing Spray to the ultimate test... THE SHOWER! 
We dare you to take the #SKINDINAVIASHOWERCHALLENGE!  Join the long-wear makeup revolution!
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Olivia Munn Makeup Tutorial | Dacey Hapa

Olivia Munn-inspired lower lash green look from Dacey Hapa... watch & take notes!

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SKINDINAVIA Primer & Finishing Sprays | Urban Miss Makeup

'Skindinavia primer and setting sprays! 
This is our secret weapon for keeping our clients makeup flawless all day.
Formulas available for normal and oily skin. This stuff is liquid GOLD!!!'
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Velvet Skin Makeup | Stella Rae

Stella Rae giving us the lowdown on how to achieve velvet skin makeup with SKINDINAVIA!
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    Makeup Primer & Setting Spray | NikkiRothBeauty

    NikkiRothBeauty on our Makeup Primer & Finishing Sprays!!
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    SKINDINAVIA Makeup Primer + Finishing Sprays | MissGlamBAM

    Beauty Vlogger, MissGlamBAM unboxes and tests SKINDINAVIA for the first time. Watch to find out her first impressions!
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    Bridal Makeup | MUA Julie Harrison

    Makeup Artist Julie Harrison setting her bride-to-be right before her special moment. Flawless + tear-proof with The Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray!
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    BCBGMAXAZRIA x SKINDINAVIA | New York Fashion Week

    A glamorous face ends with Skindinavia's setting spray, in the #BCBGRunwayTote
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    Kim Kardashian uses Skindinavia's The Makeup Finishing Spray - Oil Control to set and hold her flawless nude look.
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    Matte Makeup | Sam Fazz

    YouTuber Sam Fazz on the importance of a healthy base & how to achieve her favourite matte makeup look!
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